I absolutely love to make music and share it with each and everyone of you! It is my biggest passion and I can't thank you enough for every second you spend listening to my music, keeping in touch with me, or just being a fan!

  Sharing online...  there is no doubt how much power there is by simply sharing content with your friends! Every time you share a link, song, video, or post, it helps get my music to just one more person!  I hope as you embark on this journey with me, you always know how much I appreciate you!

The Small things...  spreading the word, following on streaming platforms, saving music to playlists, likes, comments, upvotes, and even making your own videos with my music all help in the digital platform world and their algorithms.  -With your help,  we can beat it!  =)


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Every bit donated goes towards bringing the best product to you! I TRULY appreciate all of your support!

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Are you an Independent Artist/Producer? Yes! Everything from production, promotion, distribution, websites and more is covered by me! 

What will donations help with?  Donations help with things such as hiring mixing and mastering engineers for each song, working with new vocal talent for each production, making videos, promotion campaigns, new instruments and equipment, and so much more!

How can I help? Sharing with your friends! I seriously can't do it without you! Anytime you share my music on social media or with your friends, it helps SO MUCH! 

You mentioned Sharing and Algorithms? Yes! Every platform has its own formula that influences how many more people get to see your content. There are certain actions people can take to help the chances of my music being seen by others!

Help me by doing this:
Spotify: Following on Spotify (Most important), Saving and liking a song to your playlist etc
Social Media Sites: Sharing posts, videos, following, subscribing, likes, comments

What are some of your goals? It will always be to share my love for music with you! Some other goals of mine include; producing for a major artist, seeing people dance to my music in a video, meeting some of my music inspirations like Timbaland,, Calvin Harris, Pitbull.... just to name a few. 

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